Protecting your data is priority #1

We strive to maintain the safety of your personal information and any of your customer's information submitted through our website.


We implement a variety of security measures via technology to ensure the saftey of your data including:

  • HTTPS for a secure and encrypted connection to our web server from your device
  • Enterprise level hosting facilities provided by Microsoft, the leader in cloud based software hosting.
  • Encryption of sensitive data in our database
  • Industry leading development framework and tools

Knowledge and Processes

Often the data breaches that you see in the news are the result of human error, not the failure of technology. Even with the best technology, mistakes can happen. Our processes combined with the knowledge of our Engineering Team make sure those breaches don't happen to us.

  • Our applications are developed and maintained by an experianced Software Engineering team in the USA that have a history of creating secure and successful projects
  • We update our software packages frequently with all new security patches and enhancements
  • We limit the number of people who have access to our production data and systems to a very small group


Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for more details on what we do to protect your and your customers data.